This afternoon, Y&H will be on Metro Connection to mix it up with host David Furst about D.C.’s lack of a signature dish — and why the half-smoke just doesn’t cut it as our town’s iconic meal.

But we’ll also talk about a culinary trait that does define D.C.: Our desire to recreate the dishes of our hometowns, which is only natural given the great influx of people from all over the country who move here, whether permanently or just for a presidential term or two. D.C.’s habit of regional mimickry is the premise behind our occasional Young & Hungry series, Stealing Home, which launched earlier this month with a look at Philly cheesesteaks.

Furst and I will delve into both signature dishes and cheesesteaks at 1 p.m. today on Metro Connection. That’s 88.5 on your FM dial or whatever the hell you use these days to tune into the airwaves.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery