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The Obama beer meeting was last night, and by all accounts nothing happened. (Although WaPo’s Dana Milbank did totally hijack the Lagerheads’ titular pun for his own use.)

But my favorite post-summit coverage so far comes from Canada’s CBC, which came up with not one but two entertaining animated graphics: “Beer Diplomacy” (in the intro) and the even-better “The Suds That Soothed.”

Pictured above, the graphic matches each diplomat with their beer of choice: Obama, Bud Light; Gates, Sam Adams Light; and Crowley, Blue Moon. And, in a display of either pride or shame, MillerCoors’ Blue Moon gets a fat red stamp: “Made in Canada.”

D.C.’s Brickskeller and owner Dave Alexander also make cameos at the 3:25 mark. I apologize, but you do have to sit through a truly nauseating U2/Blackberry ad first.

Screenshot from CBC