We here at Young & Hungry Central are always on the cutting-edge of new media and technology, which is just a clever way of saying that we, too, can steal shit from Twitter and pass it along as news.  Here’s the latest from the 21st Century version of the AP wire:

From chef Morou Ouattara via his @morou account:

  • kora is still not open. I am on my way to the restaurant to meet the building inspector. I missed him yesterday due to traffic. 7:19 AM Aug 6th from web
  • kora’s opening, once again has been delayed until next week. about 7 hours ago from web
  • more imspections today. at least traffic is not bad at all. about 6 hours ago from web

From the guys at Capital City Diner via their @capcitydiner account:

  • City approved our foundation today. We’ll resubmit plans to @dcra probably next week with changes from their input received last week. 3:03 PM Aug 5th from web
  • http://twitpic.com/cj5ne – Best diner cash register ever? We think so. So heavy no one can steal it! 2:23 PM Aug 2nd from TwitPic
  • The unlicensed architect who scammed us is still out there…BEWARE!   about 21 hours ago from web

The folks at the veg- and vegan-friendly Science Club have a special need that they’re trying to satisfy via @ScienceClub:

  • Do you wanna tell 300+ppl what to do, and watch them comply? Science needs doorman tonight 6pm-3am ($100) Thx!! 33 minutes ago from TwitterFon

Serious Eats New York passes along a New York Times item via @seriouseatsny about a certain Georgetown Prep grad who’s made it big in the Big Apple: