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I love my neighborhood of Columbia Heights, and I love lists. So when Spud Lite at The Heights Life posted his top 5 beer menus in Columbia Heights yesterday, I got to reading faster than a tween on Harry Potter release night.

I was semi-outraged — not angry, but not mock outraged, so maybe just surprised actually — at not only his her ranking order but also two glaring omissions: Pete’s Apizza and new kid Room 11. I’m going to give Spud a break and assume it was an oversight and not a lapse in judgment, as she went so far as to bend his own rules and allow Tonic to sneak over from Mount Pleasant. Listless drinkers, I present to you my Columbia Heights top 5:

  1. Pete’s Apizza – Pete’s four drafts rotate often, and as of yesterday included beers from Bell’s, Lagunitas, and Stone. (The fourth is Moretti, a crappy Italian lager owned by Heineken.) Add 8 to 10 American micros in bottles, and you’ve got a sizable menu for a place the size of the Five Guys next door. (beer list)
  2. RedRocks – Six drafts and only one a dud (Peroni; what is it with these pizza places?). The bottle list can be painfully patronizing with beers like Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat, Miller’s answer to Coors’ Blue Moon, but there’s plenty of better options. (beer list)
  3. Room 11 – Taps right now are Brooklyn’s Pilsner and East India Pale Ale. Their diverse bottle list includes gems such as Old Rasputin Imperial Stout and Orval (wild yeast!). (beer list)
  4. CommonWealth – I have a soft spot for cask beer, and as long as their two casks are pumping Victory, I’ll indulge. But their British draft list is as mainstream as it gets — you can get Newcastle, Guinness, Harp, and Smithwicks at Bennigan’s. British beer is unfortunately expensive to import, but even an occasional rare keg from England, as Birreria Paradiso and Rustico are wont to do, would be a welcome treat for the neighborhood. (beer list)
  5. Red Derby – Come for the Dale’s Pale Ale, stay for the Schlitz. When it comes to beers, they do good and cheap and mostly skip the mediocre. And what $4 light beers they do sell, as a commenter mentions, subsidize the rest. I’d love some draft beers too, but I’ll settle for a blurry round of Connect Four at 1 a.m. (beer list)

What do you think? If you don’t comment, I’ll assume you agree 100 percent.