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My Advil-providing coworkers know I enjoy Birreria Paradiso as much as the next fellow, but Georgetown’s paucity of public transportation means I only go there half as often as I’d like. Now that Paradiso’s Dupont location has expanded (and moved closer to the Circle), I have nothing to bitch about.

The new digs have 12 taps and a cask, and 180 bottles, according to bar manager Greg Jasgur. And although the bar itself physically looks like Birreria’s (a nice touch), Jasgur said the draft list will mostly feature different beers than Georgetown. Guess I’ll still be making the long haul to Fancyville.

I went this opening weekend and sampled many a fine beer, from Allagash’s new saison to that “Mad Bitch” beer those WaPo geniuses used in their unfunny routine. Pictures and the drool list after the jump.

  • Allagash Fluxus – This saison is brewed with sweet potatoes and peppercorns, but you could’ve fooled me. It’s sweet for a saison, with maybe some herbiness from the pepper but zero burn. It lacks the farmhouse punch I look for, but it’d make an easygoing introduction to the style.
  • Glazen Toren Ondineke – The highlight of their draft list: a dry tripel with straw flavors and fair dose of hops for a Belgian. It’s actually tastes like more of a saison than the Fluxus; stankophiles take notice.
  • Bear Republic NorCal Bitter – Bitters are the Queen’s classic session beers, with flat, herbal English hops and a mild body. This west-coast take on the style is basically a straight pale ale, using only Amarillo hops for a bright but metallic flavor. Not the bitter they billed, but a decent session beer.
  • Bockor Cuvee de Jacobins – Jasgur has done a good job stocking Birreria with Flemish red ales, those bright and tart wonders. Bockor’s red is puckery and faintly sweet, with fresh raspberry notes. If soda tasted like this, I’d drink soda.
  • De Dolle Dulle Teve (Mad Bitch) – I’d like to go back to try this vaunted beer again, but after the others it came out very sweet. If nothing else, the saccharine flavors might mean that WaPo got their similes wrong.

Oh, you wanted to read about the food? I’m just here for the beer — why don’t you join the Restaurant Raters and tell us about your meal? You might get the limelight on Vox Populi.

The pictures: outside,


and the only menu that counts.