Restaurant Rater audreys does what every good critic should do: not just review the food on the plate but provide a little perspective on the restaurant in question. Check out audreys’ review of Rasika:

I went to Rasika with two other couples, and between the 6 of us, we ordered quite a bit of food – most of it was very good, but nothing was so outstanding. Their menu is split between small plates/street food and traditional Indian dishes. Though everything we ate was good, the bottom line for me was that if you want small plates/street food type things, go to Heritage India cause its better and cheaper; if you want regular indian food, you can go to may other places around town and get an equally good meal for less. As for specific food, of the appetizers we had, the fried spinach (which was highly recommended by our waiter) we good, but the avocado chaat (also recommended) was basically just a pile of mashed avocado. For mains, a few in our party ordered the green curry chicken – described by our waiter as the spiciest thing on the menu – which was medium at best. I did enjoy ordering the small portions of their vegetarian dishes – a nice option.

You agree or disagree with audreys? Then let us know what you think!