Don’t tell Ruth Samuelson, but Restaurant Rater discojing seems to like Baked & Wired better than the City Paper‘s selection for Best Cupcake. Let the wars begin again!

Here’s what discojing had to say about B&W:

I visited this nice coffeehouse on TJ (Georgetown) after its round in the WP “Cupcake Wars” and at the urging of a few other people. Overall, I like the general look and feel of this place better than Georgetown Cupcake. Its prettier on the outside and bigger on the inside (no waiting on stoops for this gal). The inside is split-level-sideways, with most baked goodies to the left and some baked goodies to the right with the coffee bar. The day we went (weekday) there were only three variaties of cupcakes: Ken’s Birthday Cake, Texas Sheet Cake Cupcake, and Carrot Cake Cupcake. On weekends there is much more of a selection. The Carrot Cake was dan’s favorite (and in his opinion is better then Hello Cupcake’s and Georgetown Cupcake’s). The cream cheese frosting isn’t too sweet and the carrot cake bottom is the perfect combination of cake and carrot. Texas Sheet Cake is made by “putting the icing on the cupcake while its still hot” a la helpful (maybe a little too perky?) store clerk. It tastes better than it looks, but its nothing special (aka will not re-buy or crave for-ever). It tasted like those kind-of bad no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies my mom makes… I also like the cupcake wrappers, which, though unconventional, actually help to preserve the cupcake better if/when traveling. We got a box with the plain cupcakes in it, but I saw the option of cupcake inserts (6 pc. boxes). More interesting was the fact that this place also has an assortment of bars, brownies, breads, and doggie treats, as well as coffees that call to me from my Ballston cubicle. Some people come to Baked & Wired just for the coffee, in fact, they even have their own blend. The breads available the day we went (at very size-able pieces: Zucchini, Orange Poppyseed, and Carrot Ginger) Seating inside is all the way in the back, and looked very comfortable and trendy. Most of the seats had been snagged already, so we sat at the one table in the coffee section of the coffeehouse.

You agree or disagree discojing? Then let us know what you think!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery