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Octoberfest is a wonderful idea for a holiday: celebrate beer, and do it for weeks at a time. But what is one to do during non-drinking hours, i.e. daytime? Throw another party, a Blogtoberfest.

Throughout October, I invite D.C.’s bloggers — all of you, not just the foodie ones — to share your personal beer stories. What got you into beer? What was the first one you ever tasted? Do you travel for beer? Cook with beer? Write about it, and post your links on the Blogtoberfest Facebook page so we can all see them. (Now’s a good time to join the Facebook group, too.)

Come to the informal planning meeting (read: drinking session) at Axis Bar and Grill on Wednesday, Sept. 30 to meet your fellow bloggers and kick around ideas over some beers. Like any party, the more people the better, so grab the pretty picture at the top (courtesy of Mary from The Arugula Files) and post it on your blog too. See you all at Axis — and get there before I finish the Weihenstephaner.

Photo by alceste99 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution License