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Y&H has known Madam’s Organ has a good venue for the blues, a target of ABRA investigators, a radical objector to Adams Morgan Day, and the place to find to the best-named burger in town (the Bill Clinton, which comes with an offer: “$1.00 off for women who have slept with the President. Limit: 3 per table”).

But I’ve never known Madam’s Organ as a place that cares for the children. Yesterday, however, the National Restaurant Association bestowed the Adams Morgan establishment with its Restaurant Neighbor Award in the small business category.

Technically, the award should probably go to Bill Duggan, who owns the good Madam, since the club/restaurant doesn’t figure much into the philanthropy. Check out what the NRA press release says about Duggan’s efforts on behalf of some D.C. inner-city kids:

Bill Duggan was driving home from his beach house 13 years ago when he passed children playing on a run-down, inner-city playground. Duggan, who owns Madam’s Organ – a Washington, D.C., restaurant and bar in the city’s Adam’s Morgan neighborhood – wanted to give the children a chance to be kids in a better environment. So, with the help of staff, family and the community, he started bringing groups of kids to the beach for a week each summer.

Duggan believes that spending time at the beach allows young people to just be the children they are, which can be a challenge on the inner city streets. Duggan, his family, staff members and other volunteers from the neighborhood take 20 boys and girls to his three-building property in Dewey Beach, Del. The kids swim, fish, boat, hunt crabs and clams, and tell stories around the bonfire. Throughout the year, Duggan keeps in touch with many of the children and their families — many drop in for soda and wings after school.

The Madam’s Organ team also has an annual Christmas party for about 70 neighborhood kids and their parents.

Photo courtesy of Madam’s Organ