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Well, Y&H would like to encourage you to pass up the mid-day meal today as part of Capital Area Food Bank‘s promotion with the unfortunately rhyme-oriented name, Skip Lunch Feed a Bunch (a bunch of what? Radishes? Roses? the Wild version?).

Regardless of its name, the idea behind SLFaB is good. Forgo your usual noontime repast and donate the money you would have spent to the food bank, which distributes millions of pounds of food annually to agencies that feed impoverished families.  If you haven’t looked at the poverty rates in the District lately, take your head out of your friggin’ foie gras and get a gander. It’s not pretty.

The CAFB is hoping you’ll take part in today’s promotion with a larger group or organization. But you can also donate on your own, sans your ungrateful little office workers.

Y&H is not just talking out his ass here, either. I’ve already donated my lunch money. I’ll be strapped here to the computer all day anyway.