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The District is home to many fine Jamaican and Caribbean eateries, which too often get overlooked in favor of other ethnic eats, like Vietnamese and Ethiopian.  Negril is a modest D.C.-area chain with three outlets. It was founded by Earl Chinn, a Jamaican native who, according to Negril’s Web site, “sought to bring a taste of the islands to the area as he found that there were no authentic Jamaican restaurants.”

Restaurant Rater crgm07, who comes from a Jamaican family, isn’t so impressed. The Rater writes about Negril’s Georgia Avenue NW location:

I guess you could say that I had a reservation about going to Negril. Coming from a Jamaican family upbringing I know how traditional Jamaican cuisine should taste like. Granted Negril has decent food its not the real thing. Because there isn’t really another Jamaican restaurant close I think Negril gets a little more credit than they deserve. I had their Jerk chicken which was okay and a Jamaican all-beef patty which was sub-par at best.

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