All right, most of you already think you can do my job better than me. So prove it, smart guy (or gal). Enter the Y&H contest to become a judge at the Taste of Georgetown, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 10, in (all together now) Georgetown.

How do you enter?

Glad you asked. All you have to do is prove your critical prowess. Go to the Restaurant Raters main page before Oct. 2 and give us your opinion on any establishment. It doesn’t have to be a new and trendy place, either. It can be your favorite dive — or your least favorite dive.

As soon as you hand in your rave (or your snark), you’ll be a candidate to serve as judge for the Taste of Georgetown. We’ll pick a winner based on the entries we receive before the deadline. 

And look at the list of shops and restaurants that you could be judging. It varies from Georgetown Cupcake to Bourbon Steak.

Can’t you feel the power already?