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Maybe you think of limoncello as a digestif or a refreshing summer drink? I almost have the opposite reaction. I prefer it on cold days, to warm my body, as (apparently) Italian fishermen have for years.

This video recipe from Chow.com proves how simple it is to make your own limoncello. What it doesn’t show you, however, is what kind of lemons to use. This is not an ingredient to take lightly. Some Italians I know won’t even smell a bottle of limoncello that hasn’t been produced with lemons from Sorrento or the Amalfi coast, where cool Mediterranean breezes produce fruits with thick, flavorful skins.

Others, well, are not so picky. Y&H is planning to make his own with some store-bought lemons — to be ready to consume in the dead of winter. I’ll then pick up a bottle of real Italian limoncello and conduct a taste test.

Results to be published here, of course.