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Food Network Humor revels in its self-imposed role to bring the foodie cable channel to its knees — or at least “back down to Earth.” This posting on ugly tattoos is a little off-target for the site, but hilarious nonetheless.

By Y&H’s unofficial count, the breakdown of tats goes like this:

Processed foods: 3

Fast food chains: 4

Raw meats: 3 (if you include the cuts of pork chart)

Fruits and vegetables: 2 (but only if you include the thing that looks like an animated potato)

Composed plates: 2

Cliched dangerous chef culture: 1

Smart-ass ignoramus: 1, the D.L.T sandwich (dolphin-lettuce-tomato)

And the winning category…

Generic junk foods: 9

The most disturbing image has to be the Silence of the Lambs dude with the McDonaldland characters inked across his chest. Makes me shiver just looking at it.

Any other tats out there you’d care to share with Y&H?

Photo courtesy of Food Network Humor