Taylor is close to opening its second garage door.

Casey Patten, one of the personable owners of Taylor Gourmet, checked in with Y&H today to give us a construction update on the Philly-inspired deli’s second location, located at 485 K St. NW in the CityVista building.

“We have incorporated the same look and feel as the location in H Street NE but with a few new twists,” e-mails Patten this afternoon. “The garage door will be 16 feet wide and will open up to sidewalk patio seating. We have taken 55 gallon oil drums and turned them into accent lighting fixtures, these oil drums are suspended from the ceiling with industrial chains. The down lighting when you enter the restaurant is nine 5 gallon drywall buckets with lighting fixtures inside to create a clean glowing feel.”

Continues Patten:

“In addition we have created a 6×6 communal table from scratch using scrap steel left over from the hand fabrication of our counter tops and signage. The table top will be reclaimed floor joists from a recent renovation David [Mazza, co-owner] and I completed.”

If Patten and Mazza can get all their permits in a timely fashion, they hope to open Taylor II no later than Oct. 9. Of course, we all know how the permitting process goes in D.C.

More pics of the Taylor build-out:

Patten and Mazza beat the (oil) drum for light fixtures.

Got wood? The new Taylor does, just like the original.

A new use for scraps: a communal dining table.