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“I love lists” is sort of becoming my mantra, so I was pretty pleased when Metrocurean said they’d let me contribute a set to their Five Bites on Friday.

You’ll have to check out Metrocurean for the list, but what’s a DVD without commentary? Picking five favorites from a category as broad as “food” is a curatorial dilemma. Do you strive for a balanced menu, with something for everyone? Or do you pick your favorite type of food and run with it? I considered the second option, but only until I realized it would leave me with nothing but pickled veggies and stinky cheese.

So I picked a balance of challenging, “special occasion” bottles and more potable six-pack types. They’re all readily available at local good beer stores, if not the supermarket. And if you want to really nerd out, notice that the list progresses like a fantasy day of consumption, with pick #1 as lunch and the others as a four-course dinner. For dessert: yes, stinky cheese.