Scottish brewery BrewDog is known for their brash attitude/marketing as well as their delicious beer, sort of the Stone Brewing of the UK. But crafting a beer out of spite? That’s new ground, even for them.

The beer is called Nanny State, a 1.1% abv answer to criticism by an alcohol awareness group called Alcohol Focus Scotland, which condemned BrewDog’s Tokyo*, an imperial stout with 18.2% abv.

I’m not going to rehash the entire argument, which involves petty accusations that craft beer high in alcohol is dangerous or “irresponsible.” But what’s deliciously nerdy is the Nanny Ale recipe; despite it’s puny strength it boasts “more hops per barrel than any other beer ever brewed in the UK.” The idea is to pack it with flavor, but without the alcoholic sweetness to bolster it, it sounds like it could get painfully hoppy — or, perhaps as a pun by BrewDog, bitter.

Nanny Ale is being produced in “limited quantities,” which means it’s unlikely D.C. will see it. It might be a gimmick borne out of stubbornness, but if it’s tasty, that has real implications. People do gravitate toward alcohol for the effects, but I would be thrilled if someone actually created a flavorful non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer. O’Doul’s IPA? I’d drink it for breakfast.

(Hats off to Alan Z for the tip.)