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Everywhere I go, all people are asking me about is pumpkin beer! Well, OK, no one ever actually recognizes me, but I have a habit of bringing up beer in the first minute of any conversation. The other person usually ignores this and inexplicably keeps the conversation on some non-beer topic like telling me what they do or asking me to please be quiet, the movie is playing. But if I talk long enough for the person to find out that I write about beer, then they ask me: Which pumpkin beer do you like?

I don’t know. I know I liked the squashy, not-too-sweet Pumpkinator at Capitol City, which will be in the Beerspotter column next Thursday. But there’s so many, and most of the time I don’t get down with a pint of cinnamon syrup. So bless the people at Capital Spice, who tasted 13 (!) pumpkin beers and rated them on presentation, flavor, and the all-important label art. Personal favorites by Southern Tier and New Holland were sipped, as well as more mainstream ones by Blue Moon (ahem, MillerCoors) and Michelob (A-B InBev).

Which pumpkin beer was the best? Read the results, and quit asking me!