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Jay Francis serves as Walsh’s cheese supplier

My bud Robb Walsh, the restaurant critic for the Houston Press, may be the first food writer in the country to catch swine flu. Or, as Walsh wondered aloud on his Twitter feed, the “first one dumb enough to admit it?”

Truth be told, Walsh thinks he has a different strain from H1N1. “Actually I suspect my case is a unique Southern strain,” he writes on Twitter. “I am calling it the Piggly Wiggly Flu.”

The flu hasn’t affected Walsh’s humor, or his work schedule. Despite being quarantined, Walsh has had to continue his weekly column. (I told you newspapering was brutal.) He explains in a blog post how he’s making it work. (The picture above gives you a clue.)

I asked Walsh to tell me what life has been like with swine flu. His quote is after the jump.

The swine flu is a weird affliction, either you get a case of the sniffles, or it kills you. Luckily, I just got the sniffles. But the doctor ordered me quarantined for a week. So I was stuck in the house. There was no change in diet at all. I didn’t even have to stop writing. I just reviewed take out food, which as you probably remember, is a specialty down here. Fadi’s has a new location with a drive through lane—we got a mezze plate, chicken shawarma sandwich, eggplant imam, and stuffed cabbage rolls, a huge feast to go. The Vietnamese pho restaurants put the broth in a sealed plastic container and the herbs and noodles in Styro—$6 and change for enough soup for two. Still, I finally snapped after five days in the casa and hit the Whataburger drive-thru lane just to get out to the house. Double meat double cheese with bacon and fries. Ate it in the parking lot while I listened to Prairie Home Companion on the car radio—my big outing of the week. Should have brought beer.