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Here’s an interesting experiment: If you add a sound effect to a public trash bin, will people use it more often? The answer would appear to be yes, if this video is any evidence.

Great, let’s just spend several million dollars (which we don’t have anyway) to add sound effects to every public trash can in D.C. so that we can entertain the slobs who would normally just throw their shit anywhere because they can’t be bothered to walk 10 extra steps to toss it away. What happens when they get bored with their Doritos bags sounding like incoming Scud missiles? Will the bins need Sfx upgrades? Maybe to sound like a T-Rex gobbling innocent victims?

Let’s not stop there. Let’s add video games — I’m thinking Evil Resident 5 — to buses so people will finally ditch their cars. Or how ’bout this:  Every time you drop an empty bottle into a recycling bin, the voice of a sexy man/woman (gender choices available, of course) automatically tells you how hot and desireable you are for going green.

Isn’t that what we’re going for here? To be titillated by inanimate objects so we’ll behave like people who actually care about the environment for, you know, the future generations? For the children?