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Yesterday Tim Carman, Mr. Y&H himself, asked you an intriguing question: “When Should a Critic Just Trash a Place?” And you responded.

But can we ask the same question about good beer? Craft beer makes up just 4% of U.S. sales, while the other 96% is dominated by a few giant corporations turning out products that are so inferior they’re insulting to beer drinkers. Reviewing, say, Stella Artois (AB InBev), would be akin to Tim reviewing Burger King Chicken Fries — good for a laugh, but not exactly a public service.

My thinking has been that I have finite space in the paper each week to review beer, so I might as well use it to highlight something good. But what do you think? If I taste a bad craft beer, should I pan it? When you read Beerspotter in the paper or me and the Lager Heads on Y&H, what are you looking for?