Unless you get the Y&H newsletter — have I mentioned that it’s free just for giving us your e-mail address at right? — you missed my small broadside directed at Danielle, a Y&H reader who took me to task for not highlighting enough vegan and vegetarian dishes. She called me “worse than the Post,” which was really a low blow.

So I dedicated Veg Day on Monday to Danielle, in a contrived attempt to get back in her good graces. I then added the parenthetical potshot: “assuming she has any.” Good graces, that is. It wasn’t one of my finer moments, particularly after Danielle was kind enough to write back yesterday and express her thoughts about Veg Day.

She wrote:

Thanks for your response. I am very familiar with Vegan Treats; they were a major hit at the recent DC VegFest (in September). Their desserts are utterly decadent and insanely rich.

Believe it or not, I do have good graces. I just want acknowledgement of vegan options when I dine out 🙂 I do get a little grumpy when I see cheesy foods touted as meatless options, but then I’m a would-be foodie looking for really good meals in a town that desperately needs awesome vegan dining options.

And please tell your editor that I gave up meat, dairy, and eggs, but I did NOT give up chocolate. I’m not in it for my health, I’m in it for ethical reasons. But if she doesn’t want vegan dessert, more for me.

BTW, have you heard of the grown-up cupcakes at Sticky Fingers? Yes, that is liquor in the frosting. And check out their grilled “cheese” sandwiches made with Daiya vegan cheese.

You’re welcome, Danielle, and I’ll definitely check out those “grown-up cupcakes,” even if I’m far less excited about yet another hand-held baked good than about seeking out more delicious veg dishes.