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Y&H suspects most folks will watch this loooong video not because the recipe is worth a damn but because the cook is wearing some sexy black outfit and rubbing her leg of lamb with a spice mixture. Why do I imagine Beavis saying, “Heh-heh, she’s rubbing her leg of lamb with a spice mixture!”

Far more entertaining to Y&H are the comments at Serious Eats, where I first spotted this video. There are more than 20 of them, some mean and nasty and downright funny. I sort of feel bad about reposting a few of them after the jump:

  • Do you know what isn’t sexy? Cross contamination.
  • i never realized there was so much downtime between takes on those lowbudget porns.
  • Posting this here was like throwing chickens at Sigfried & Roy during a show.
  • Her outfit is just trashy. This reminds me of a totally sexist, non-PC expression that a wife should be “a chef in the kitchen and a prostitute in the bedroom” Except they’ve gotten it all mixed up.
  • They put themselves out there creatively and I don’t fault them for that. As to her wardrobe; While dress/lingerie is not practical I think it’s a non-issue. I’ve fried bacon shirtless because I was too darn lazy to go upstairs and dress appropriately. I doubt I’m the only one. There is no need to be mean to her on a personal level.