Y&H has been promoting the pleasures of fried whiting for years. It’s truly one of the District’s under-appreciated plates, which is why I was happy to see the whiting at Horace & Dickie’s enter this week’s leaderboard for the D.C Dish Hall of Fame.

Granted, the dish still doesn’t have enough votes to enter the Hall. It needs to be among the top five to earn that honor. But regardless, I’m glad to see it get some love. Maybe you’d like to give it more affection? Vote here.

Speaking of which, the falafel sandwich at Amsterdam Falafelshop also made a strong move last week, adding nearly 30 votes to its total despite the owners’, ahem, questionable behavior at the Strathmore. I credit the uptick to a groundswell of vegan/vegetarian voters, who were no doubt spurred by some online petition. How do I know this?

Because Y&H received a number of e-mails like this one from avalon345:

“Not enough vegetarian/vegan choices! Looks like 1950s fare…”

Yeah, sure. Where were you eating palak chaat, pho, and Peruvian chicken in the ’50s, avalon345?

The current leaderboard after the jump:

  1. Half-smoke with chili at Ben’s Chili Bowl, 250 votes
  2. Hamburger at Five Guys, 118
  3. Peruvian chicken at El Pollo Rico, 104
  4. Falafel at Amsterdam Falafelshop, 92
  5. Margherita pizza at 2Amys, 87
  6. Burger from Ray’s Hell Burger, 76
  7. Salty oat cookie at Teaism, 70
  8. Palak chaat at Rasika, 70
  9. Pho at Pho 75, 63
  10. Fried whiting at Horace & Dickie’s, 40

Photo by Darrow Montgomery