The little guys seem to be winning left and right lately, at least in the beer world. First we had the Rock Art Brewery vs. Monster Energy (but really Anheuser Busch) debacle over the word “monster.” After an intense social media campaign, the corporate giant meanies backed off and brewery co-founder Matt Nedau declared victory.

Then just two weeks after all the hub-bub about Black Rooster being forced to close its doors, we heard the DC bar was being allowed to stay at its downtown location.  According to Mike Dolan at DCBeer, the bar is open for business again starting November 16, and they are set to have a Grand Re-Opening Party November 20.

Just when we thought the underdogs’ day was done, we got news last week that there are plans to reopen Dr. Dremo’s at a new Clarendon location. The historic bar closed in January 2008, a casualty to a land redevelopment plan, but owner Andrew Stewart has a grand scheme to bring Dr. Dremo’s back this spring. Yours For Good Fermentableshas all the details and a set of links with background info.