The scene inside the Reagan Building

Blue Ridge‘s Barton Seaverwas gunning for the title for the third straight year at the 2009 Capital Food Fight, held last night inside the Reagan Building. His competition included not only last year’s finalist, Peter Smith from PS 7’s, but also two Top Chef contestants (Mike Isabella from Zaytinya and Bryan Voltaggio from Volt) and one out-of-town ringer, celebrity chef Michael Mina of Bourbon Steak.

Seaver performed honorably but ultimately lost to Mina the Carpetbagger. But, hey, it’s not about competition, right? It’s a fundraiser for D.C. Central Kitchen, the non-profit with the master plan to attack homelessness and poverty.

Below the fold are more pictures from the event, courtesy of Reflections Photography. Used with permission.

Mike Isabella, stressin’, during an early round challenge.

Michael Mina, the very picture of calm

Judge Carla Hall, giving somebody what for.

Chairman and host José Andrés, no mere figurehead at this event

Co-host Anthony Bourdain, looking bemused

Ris Lacoste, dreaming of her restaurant opening

Judge Eric Ripert raises an eyebrow over something

Barton Seaver, losing with grace and a man hug

Ripert and winner, Mina: Can we get someone local in here?