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Yesterday afternoon, Y&H received an emergency e-mail from Meshelle Armstrong over at Restaurant Eve. Illusionist and endurance specialist David Blaine was in the house!, she wrote. And apparently not hanging upside down by wires.

Meshelle and chef/husband Cathal Armstrong, the duo behind the four-star performer, are big fans of Blaine. Meshelle said the magician was going to perform tricks for the kitchen crew after he and his girlfriend gobbled down their lunch of Irish BLTs (insert Homer Simpson gurgling sound here). She promised video. I promised an item on the blog if she got it.

The video, as it turns out, isn’t much to look at. It cuts off right as Blaine reaches the culmination of his card trick.

But, seriously, who needs to see another card trick? (If so, come by the City Paper offices and I’ll show you an old trick that this amateur magician learned in college.) Two far-more-important things came out of Blaine’s visit to Eve:

1. Blaine’s girlfriend (name not known by the Eve team) is a culinary school student. Cathal Armstrong invited her to stage at Eve.

2. Todd Thrasher, the master mixologist at Eve and PX, is apparently going to create a new cocktail to mark Blaine’s surprise visit. It will be called, of course, Levitation. More info on the cocktail as we know it.