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As we mentioned, the Lagerheads have been reading The Naked Pint by Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, in anticipation of meeting them this week (which you can do Tuesday night at ChurckKey). The book naturally appeals to women because it is written by two female beer experts, and when you’re into something not that many other women are into, it’s nice to be able to reach out to each other.

That said, although the female perspective represented in the book is both thoughtful and entertaining, The Naked Pint is a thorough guide to all things beer written for anyone, not just the ladies. Still, all this talk of women and beer got us thinking. In addition to gals like Christina and Hallie, what queens of beer do like-minded female beer geeks have to look up to? We put together a not-at-all exhaustive list below.


Carol Stoudt – Brewmaster and Owner, Stoudt’s Brewing Company, and the very “First Lady” of craft beer.

Kim Jordan – Owner, New Belgium Brewing Company, who has turned her basement brewing operation into one of the top three craft breweries in the United States.

Barbara Groom & Wendy Pound – Brewmasters and Owners, Lost Coast Brewery, and two of the first female brewpub owners.


Teri Fahrendorf – Founder, Pink Boots Society, an association for women in the beer industry. She is a 30-year brewer and unofficial craft beer goodwill ambassador.

Sue Smith-Troy & Cinzia Wallace – Co-Founders, Ales 4 Females, a beer education and empowerment club in Colorado (link found under “About Us” on Left Hand’s site).


Tanya Cornett – Brewmaster, Bend Brewing Company and first woman to win the Brewmaster Award at the World Beer Cup.

Jenny Talley – Head Brewer, Squatters, and winner of over two dozen medals for her outstanding beers.


Julie Johnson-Bradford – Editor, All About BeerMagazine , organizer of the World Beer Festival, and overall awesome beer educator.

Lucy Saunders – Author of Cooking With Beer, Grilling With Beer, and a whole host of articles about beer and food.

Anat Baron – Director, Beer Wars, an insightful documentary about the business of big beer. She is also has years of experience in the beer industry (but not craft).

Carolyn Smagalski – Editor, BellaOnline Beer & Brewing.


Lynn Kruger – President, Siebel Institute, a highly regarded brewers’ academy in Chicago.

Julia Herz – Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association and beer event host extraordinaire.


Cornelia Corey & Diane Catanzaro – The only two women to have won Beer Drinker of the Year.