I randomly dropped an e-mail to Jamie Stachowskiyesterday, wondering if the chef might have made enough charcuterie to peddle to the public during the holidays. I wasn’t ready for his response:

The Jamie Stachowski Holiday Charcuterie Board, which for $95 provides enough pâté, sausage, salame, and bresaola to feed 10 hungry carnivores. Here’s what you get for your money:

  • 1.5 pounds of Burgundy-style pheasant  pâté with lardons and pinot noir pearl onions
  • Two loops (1.5 pounds) of Portuguese linguica
  • Two links (12 ounces) of smoked duck petito
  • Eight ounces of bresaola
  • One pound of cardamom-scented and lightly smoked salame cotto.
  • Quince and pear chutney

If you like charcuterie, this is a no-brainer purchase. Stachowski, who works under his own brand, is an obsessive for quality cured meats. You can taste it in every bite of his charcuterie, which is, hands down, the best in the city.

To place your order, call Stachowski at (202) 413-7355 or e-mail him at jamiestachowski@gmail.com.