Brothers, Derek(l.) and Tom Brown are Partners in the Passenger.

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As if you needed any more proof that we’re mired in a recession, just check out the top posts from this week: They’re focused on good, old-fashioned drinkin’. Here’s to better times, y’all…

In the meantime, the most-read posts from the week:

  1. Women of Craft Beer: A Quick List (*)
  2. Paste Names Best 25 American Breweries
  3. The Passenger Set to Open Tomorrow
  4. D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Leaderboard: Same As It Ever Was
  5. Yaku to Close and Turn into a Rock ‘n’ Roll/Sushi Concept

* A certain light-drinking Budweiser beer was, once again, the most-read item, but we’ve stopped counting it.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery