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Before we proceed, let’s make one thing crystal clear: DC’s beer scene is better than it’s ever been. The difference, as compared to a decade ago when the Brickskeller was the only game in town, is astonishing and, yes, a net gain for anyone who likes to hit the suds now and again.

But (yes, there’s a but) there’s now an over-abundance of high-end (read: EXPENSIVE) beer bars all over town. They offer great beers served in proper glassware and often by knowledgeable people who themselves feel passionate about the brews they’re selling. But prices are out of hand and seem to be getting worse. Go to just about any of these places (Marvin, which we visited last week, being a prime suspect), and you’ll have a hard time not spending something in excess of $10 for a bottled beer; some even go for $15 or more. Given, these beers are rare and should cost more than the average bottle. But such huge mark-up (Is there any reason for a small bottle of Chimay Blue to cost $13?) leaves a lot of people out.

One of the great things about beer is that it’s NOT wine. Beer is the traditional drink of the working man, a kind of social glue, a vehicle for bringing people together at the end of a long day to commiserate and relax together. We’ve got the high-end bars; now let’s get some others to fill the gap. We’re not talking about drinking Bud and Michelob here. Rather, can’t there be everyday neighborhood haunts that carry a few solid craft beers? There are a few. Angles in Adams Morgan comes to mind. Red Derby in Petworth. Aware of others? Please let us know.

Image from Wikimedia Commons used under a Creative Commons license.