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In the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished category: Celebrity chef Paula Deen, while helping out the homeless today in Atlanta, took a honey-baked ham to the face.

According to a report, here’s how the incident went down:

Channel 2 Action News reporter Jeff Dore was there as Deen and organizer Elisabeth Omilami helped pass hams down a relay line.

Dore said Deen playfully threw one down the relay line like a football and someone said “Back at ya!” and threw it back. It hit her in the nose.

“He threw the ham back and I was unexpecting the pig and it just hit me full on,” said Deen. “‘Bout knocked me for a loop!”

Dore said Deen laughed after she got an ice pack for her face and made jokes about a swollen nose.

“It just got hit with a hog, so what can I expect,” she sniffed. “Ran head on into a hog.”

No word on how badly the ham was hurt.