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Let’s put aside environmental issues for a moment and examine the Georgetown Cupcake Range Rover purely on aesthetic and design levels.

The cupcakery, with locations now in Bethesda and Georgetown, has built its significant popularity not only on its miniature cakes but also on its image, which is (how shall I say this politely?) girlish.

Consider the GC aesthetic: The designer cupcakes with cute little flower- and heart-shaped garnishes. The exclusive boutique ambiance of its stores, which give off the vibe of a Georgetown perfumery, not a bakery. The pink carry-out boxes that only heighten the sensation that you’ve just picked up a six-pack of fragrances from Sephora.

And how does an all-black, Secret Service-esque Range Rover fit into the Georgetown Cupcake pink-infused aesthetic? Driving a clunky, boxy, ham-fisted, square-toed, whiskey-breathed mannish Range Rover seems like a classic case of overcompensation on the part of the cupcakery.

It’s as if Mary Kay directors drove camo Humvees instead of pink Cadillacs.