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Y&H has been enjoying bowls of Japanese ramen soup lately, in an effort to better understand this quintessential five-for-$1 college dorm-room staple. There is a surprising amount of  work that goes into a genuine bowl of Japanese ramen, even when the noodles aren’t homemade.

Don’t believe me? Just check out this vid on how to make yakibuta, or pork ribs, ramen. Now, I have just one question about it:

How does that poodle with the ’80s hair-metal ‘do sit there so still as the cook prepares the ramen? Seriously, the poor pooch’s nose must be going crazy from the smell of pork, sardines, seasoned soft-boiled eggs, soy sauce, and on and on. That dog deserves some sort of award for such forbearance.

Compare this good-dog behavior with Coltrane‘s antics when Carrie and I put out a spread of Jamie Stachowski chacurterie this weekend: