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The big news this week concerns Amsterdam Falafelshop‘s dramatic rise to second place on the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame leaderboard.  The falafel’s surge was no doubt assisted by promotions like this one on VegDC.com‘s Facebook page, which of course points out the whole problem with online public surveys: Folks can stuff the ballot box.

And leave comments like this:

“There should be more vegan options on this list!”

Ahem, Y&H desperately needs an international election monitoring group. Or at least experts to supplement the public vote, which is the direction that Y&H’s heading.

Here’s the current leaderboard:

  1. Half-smoke with chili at Ben’s Chili Bowl, 363
  2. Falafel at Amsterdam Falafelshop, 259
  3. Hamburger at Five Guys, 206
  4. Peruvian chicken at El Pollo Rico, 142
  5. Margherita pizza at 2Amys, 134
  6. Burger from Ray’s Hell Burger, 111
  7. Salty oat cookie at Teaism, 109
  8. Pho at Pho 75, 99
  9. Palak chaat at Rasika, 99
  10. Fried whiting at Horace & Dickie’s, 90

There are still two weeks left to vote for the inaugural class in the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame. So get voting!