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The Five Guys burger in all its unfiltered glory

We’re down to the wire on the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame contest. You have only until Friday to cast your vote.

As you likely know by now, the top five dishes will be part of the hall’s inaugural class, with more plates to be inducted in the years to come. As it stands, the leaderboard remains virtually the same from last week’s, although the falafel from Amsterdam is quietly challenging the half-smoke from Ben’s for the top spot. The Falafelshop is probably gaming the system, but, hell, that’s the problem with public online contests.

Just as troubling: As the contest winds down, Y&H has been revisiting some of the leading dishes (see, ahem, the above photo) in preparation for writing a recap about this madness. During my visits, I’ve found myself confronted by some tough questions, such as:

Do we really want the current iteration of the Five Guys burger to serve as D.C.’s calling card? Does a restaurant’s longevity automatically make its food worthy of Hall of Fame status?

It’s not like we can go back on our promise to induct the winners, although one Y&H reader, Rob, suggested that very idea to me:

I would vote to remove 5 Guys from the list. The chain is not local anymore, even though they started out that way. Should we have McDonalds on the list then?

To be fair, the site of the original McDonald’sin San Bernardino, Calif., has been turned into a museum, which goes way beyond a simple online Hall of Fame vote, but I get your point, Rob. I’d be curious on what the rest of you think. Chime in via e-mail and let me know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, here’s the leaderboard:

  1. Half-smoke with chili at Ben’s Chili Bowl, 399 votes
  2. Falafel at Amsterdam Falafelshop, 349
  3. Hamburger at Five Guys, 223
  4. Peruvian chicken at El Pollo Rico, 161
  5. Margherita pizza at 2Amys, 148
  6. Burger from Ray’s Hell Burger, 125
  7. Salty oat cookie at Teaism, 124
  8. Pho at Pho 75, 115
  9. Palak chaat at Rasika, 112
  10. Fried whiting at Horace & Dickie’s, 104
  11. Atomica pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso, 87
  12. Chicken croquetas at Jaleo, 83
  13. Cowboy-cut bone-in ribeye at Ray’s the Steaks, 71
  14. Spit-roasted goat at Komi, 65
  15. Lobster burger at Central Michel Richard, 60

Only four more days to go, so get votingif you want to see that leaderboard flip.