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The Extreme Beer Fest to be held in Boston this February 19 and 20 will feature a new, as-yet unnamed brew—a collaboration between Dogfish Head‘s Sam Calagione and Jason and Todd Alstrom, editors of Beer Advocate magazine, which is sponsoring the festival. The beer is scheduled to be brewed this month at Dogfish Head’s facility in Milton, Delaware.

As collaborations go, we’ll just have to wait and see how this one turns out. The duo (if you count the brothers as one, as most do) partnered to create a beer for last year’s Extreme Beer Fest. The video features a jovial extreme beer drinker asking Sam Calagione about the beer. We’re not sure about the hat…but the beer sounds wacky enough to be a Dogfish Head concoction.

Both Dogfish Head and Beer Advocate have opened a window into Calagione’s creative process—not to mention his affinity for the word “dude.” They posted an extended email thread between Calagione and the Alstrom brothers, allowing us the voyeuristic pleasure of reading along as the beer’s recipe is decided.

These guys seem to have have everything figured out except the name for the beer. Hence, the naming contest. You have to register on Beer Advocate‘s website to enter. Click here for rules. Have a brilliant idea? Better hurry and submit because the deadline is this Friday. If you win, you get plenty of free schwag—meaning beer-related stuff, not “low-grade pot” as defined by the Urban Dictionary.