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YouTube video

If you’re a dedicated Tom Sietsema fan, you might be interested in this fun piece of video fluff: a look inside the Post critic’s fridge.

Interestingly enough, there’s not much there. No take-away cartons from local restaurants. No rotting cheese from Cowgirl Creamery.  Not even a bottle of half-drunk milk or a jug of OJ.

Y&H must admit that I was skeptical about the spotless condition of Sietsema’s fridge. I mean, if you were to open my fridge right now, three Styrofoam containers would likely land, plop, on the floor. You’d also find bottles of jam from, oh, the Bush administration. Bush I, that is. You might even find that soup bowl that Carrie and I misplaced last week.

I decided to ask Sietsema if he did a little pre-video scrubbing and what embarrassing items, if any, he tossed before the cameras started rolling? Sietsema wrote back to say:

Honestly, I wanted to present my refrigerator as it really was/is. So what was in there at the time got shot. Not that the interior was dirty, but I DID wipe it down before the video crew came over, and I remember throwing away some ancient condiments as I was reviewing what was in my fridge. But the tossed jars were on the side panel, which was not in the picture, so I didn’t feel as if I was misrepresenting myself or the contents.

Sietsema, in other words, is just classier than Y&H, but I knew that already.