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Can technological wizardry make a mediocre beer taste better? It’s a question Amheuser-Busch InBev is now putting to the test with what it calls the “World’s First Global 3D Augmented Reality iPhone Application,” a gizmo intended to guide “Users to the Perfect Belgian Beer Experience.”

And what is that exactly? Well, according to InBev, the global beer giant with 25% of the world’s market share, it’s the ubiquitous and utterly underwhelming Stella Artois. We have certainly enjoyed our share of Stellas, but when we think of the “perfect Belgian beer experience,” the host of deeply flavorful ales from that ridiculously productive country of brewers come to mind, not the less-flavorful pilsner that is Stella Artois.

No matter where you might roam, your trusty iPhone can now point you in the direction of the nearest bar that serves the little Belgian beer that could. Better yet, it will do so with a series of bang-wow bells and whistles. After all, if the beer itself doesn’t merit the trip, at least you can get there in 3D! But like the beer it was created to hawk, the gadget may not be living up to all the hype: of 33 ratings now appearing on the iTunes App Store, 23 give it only one out of a possible five stars.