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Guess which trend got dissed by local food writers?

Yes, it’s started already: The lists. The roundups. The endless regurgitation of the year’s best and worst in dining trends/meals/restaurants/chefs/bathroom door handles. We love ’em, and we hate ’em.

BrightestYoungThings gets out of the gate early with its D.C. Foodie Writer 2009 Wrap Up, which includes bloggers such as Capital Spice, Endless Simmer, DCist, and DC Gastronome. BYT’s Alex Nicholson also asked a few of us dead-tree media types to contribute, including Young & Hungry.

You can get the full blast of our gastronomic gas-baggery over at BYT. Oh, and by the way, Young & Hungry will contribute more such gas-baggery at the end of the year, when I roll out my list of Best New Restaurants of 2009.