If you don’t know it by now, the key to a happy Restaurant Week boils down to this: Book a reservation at the best and most expensive (or at least not the mid-range or tapas) restaurants before anybody else.

I say this because winter Restaurant Week was just announced earlier today. The dates will be Jan. 11-17, and nearly 180 restaurants have already signed on to the promotion. Prices remain virtually unchanged from the summer RW, rising a penny to match the change in year: $20.10 for lunch, $35.10 for dinner.

Lunch is the better deal, assuming you’re the type who can gorge on three courses and still be productive at work (assuming you have work). The dinner promotion, I find, offers little value to most diners, particularly if you’re the type to skip dessert.

That last statement comes with a caveat, however: If you can grab a few seats at the priciest palaces, Restaurant Week can actually be a deal. Assuming the pricey palace hasn’t applied upcharges to all its best and/or signature dishes.

I haven’t reviewed any of the RW participants’ menus yet, assuming they’re even online at present, but just based on quality and price, I’d book a reservation at one or more of the following. And I’d do it right now on OpenTable.

2941 (lunch only)


Adour (dinner only)

Bistro Bis

Capital Grille Tysons

Dino (dinner only)

Kaz Sushi Bistro

Kinkead’s (lunch only)

Kellari Taverna (dinner only)

The Oval Room

The Prime Rib

PS 7’s

Ristorante Tosca (dinner only)


Teatro Goldoni