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My new smoker trying to survive snOMG ’09.

Saturday was such a mixed blessing. I loved lounging around with Carrie and Coltrane, watching TV reporters/police detectives go batshit over the weather and/or snowball fights. But I really needed to use the day to suss out two more spots for my year-end best new restaurants list. 

So what did I do? I…

  • Desperately tried to see if we could a) eat lunch downtown before the heavy snow hit and b) find a place still open for lunch.
  • Gave up and decided to enjoy making our own meals instead.
  • Cleaned out the refrigerator and discovered four, partially used egg cartons buried amid the take-out boxes, condiment jars, and various other crap.
  • Prepared breakfast based on leftover eggs, sausages, onions, and cheese unearthed in the fridge.
  • Discovered that new olive oil sprinkled over the top of scrambled eggs is an amazing finishing touch.
  • Shopped online for all my last minute Christmas gifts and tried hard not to feel guilty about it.
  • Tried to find somewhere outside where Coltrane would not sink under 16 inches of snow.
  • Worried that my new smoker was going to rust even with its protective covering.
  • Enjoyed a dinner of homemade chicken curry, courtesy of the best-looking cook I’ve ever seen.
  • Watched prawn-aliens become the next apartheid victims in South Africa.