Given the way the most recent Top Chef season played out, Y&H has to think this Web series, hosted by Michael and Bryan Voltaggio, the winner and runner-up in the Bravo reality series, is just the beginning of something bigger for the brothers. Their own cooking show perhaps? A book deal? A traveling roadshow featuring a moveable Table 21?

Who knows. In the meantime, Bryan Voltaggio explained the details of the brothers’ online video series, which launches this month on their Web site:

Michael and I shot a bunch of great videos with our friends at EQAL. The videos will focus on our favorite ingredients, techniques, and gadgets. Top Chef was a fantastic opportunity to get ourselves recognized as chefs, but it is not a perfect venue to show off what we love about cooking. Being forced to cook something in 20 minutes with bizarre ingredients is fun, but not what we normally do in our restaurants. These videos will give you a better sense about our culinary point of view and passion for cooking.

We will be posting videos around once a week starting the first week of January. Please make sure to let us know what you would like to see in the videos.

It would be great if you could post photos, videos, or stories of your Christmas dinner. Upload them to your profile page and flag them as cool. We’ll try to post some on the site next week.