Today we bring you part two of our look at the biggest beer stories of 2009. Reviewing all of this news makes us look forward to the year ahead, so after four | nostalgicblogposts | we are saying enough. The Lagerheads are done looking back at 2009 and are ready to forge ahead with the new year in beer, so enjoy this final reflection.

  • Rock Art Brewery defeats a Monster – In October, a web campaign helped Rock Art Brewery defend their Vermonster Ale from Monster energy drinks (a.k.a. Hansen Beverage Company, a.k.a. Anheuser-Busch InBev). The public pressure caused the aggressors to back off.
  • Brooklyn Brewery Announces Expansion – From 8,000 barrels to 50,000 barrels a year is quite a jump. They are not going to be a Sierra Nevada (at 700,000 barrels) or even a New Belgium (who produce half that sum), but this surge is one big step in that direction.
  • BrewDog Makes Strongest Beer in the World – In November, we heard that BrewDog, the radical Scottish brewery responsible for this, and this, masterminded a 32% ABV imperial stout that is sure to blow everyone’s socks off once it gets over to the U.S., one way or another. Yet some are skeptical.
  • First True Beer Guru Certified – In December it was announced that after two days of intense exams (and years of experience and studying), Michigan distributor rep Andrew Van Til became the first certified Master Cicerone. Dream big, little beeries. It could be you one day.
  • Stone Plans World Domination/Evangelism – Just when we thought the year was through, the beer news cycle dropped one last bombshell. Stone Brewing Company announced plans to consider opening a brewery in Europe, revolutionizing the idea of what Ameircan craft or micro-breweries can and cannot do.

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