Looks like DCist cracked their Friday beers early today. Jamie R. Liu posted a story this afternoon linking to a Lagerheads post about the Sierra Nevada-Dogfish Head collaborations “Life and Limb” and “Limb and Life” — from November. As Y&H readers and Twitter followers know, Limb and Life was gone from the face of the earth (or at least D.C.) before Thanksgiving, and Life and Limb is close behind.

But Liu’s story describes both beers (complete with text creatively adapted from the press release) as though they were just released — and further confuses readers (and commenters) by pointing them to stores where they can buy them. Note to readers: Life and Limb bottles are extinct. Kegs are all but gone too. The last known keg in D.C. will be tapped at Scion on Monday Sunday.

Confusion settled. Now let’s get out of here; it’s half past beer o’clock by my watch.