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We recently poked fun at an iPhone app that helps users find the nearest bar serving Stella Artois. (More useful would be an app that helps find bars that do not serve it.) There are literally hundreds of beer-themed apps available. Most that we’ve tried have proved utterly useless, though the numerous “beer goggles” apps are intriguing. But there’s at least one bit of cellular wizardry that’s worth your while: Beer Guide.

Don’t even bother sifting through the chaff on iTunes Store. Just plop down your 99 cents and get this one. It does exactly what you’d think, giving you an easily searchable database of what appears to be thousands of beers and breweries from around the world. There are other apps that do this, notably Gallagher’s Beer Guide, but this one has the most expansive list of beers we’ve seen—possibly because users can add to it as they discover new brews.