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This weekend, the wife and I were having a friendly debate about the wording of the “Thickness Chart” at Wegmans‘ deli in Fairfax and whether it contained a sly reference to the “wafer-thin mint” scene from Monty Pyhton’s The Meaning of Life.

Carrie argued that novelists regularly use the phrase “wafer thin” to describe thickness; that’s undoubtedly true, I said, ceding the novel ground to the person who actually reads them in our house, but the metaphorical language seemed unnecessary to me at a deli counter.

As I was still prattling on, arguing my point, I barely stopped to notice that Carrie had actually come over to my side of the debate. She mentioned that the deli team could have easily just used the phrase “very thin,” which would have better matched the rest of the language on the sign.

Damn, I was just getting warmed up!

What’s your take, Y&H Nation? Just a metaphorical turn of phase or a sign of the Wegmans chain slipping in a MP reference?

BTW: Later today, I’ll break down my visit to Wegmans in photos. It’s one amazing place to buy just about anything short of an armored tank.