Once you step inside the Wegmans in Fairfax, you don’t know what you might find. The megastore — part blue-collar Safeway, part fussy Whole Foods, part wish-fulfillment Disneyland — offers a bewildering amount of products, from fresh-baked breads and freshly prepared meals to yoga clothes and housewares.

To food-obsessed adults, I suspect Wegmans generates a feeling they haven’t felt in years: like a kid in a candy store. One goddamn big candy store. One goddamn big candy store that knows you can’t sell only imported Belgian dark chocolate with 62 percent cocoa mass. You gotta have Ho Hos and Ding Dongs, too, baby.

Last weekend I made only my second visit to a Wegmans, this time to document many of the things one could buy there. (Such visits won’t require a trip to Fairfax in the near future, since the privately held chain has plans to open stores in Alexandria, Columbia, Germantown, Landover, and other nearby towns.)

Take a look at my Alice in Wonderland trip through Wegmans:

In-house bakery

Pastries from in-house bakery

Indian buffet

Sub shop

Salmon, many different ways

Fresh mahi mahi

Meat counter, heavy on choice cuts

Crab cake sandwich from the in-house cafe

Seared scallops with citrus-soy sauce at in-house cafe

Wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano and other cheeses

Huge selection of craft and import beers

Olive bar

Wide selection of teas

More cheese

Pre-packaged fruits and veggies

Bagged lettuces


Expensive wine glasses


Baby supplies

Kitchen supplies


Greeting cards

Pet supplies

Commercial breads and a company timeline overhead

Light bulbs and paper goods

Wegmans butter

Wegmans finishing butters

Kosher foods

Wegmans coffee

Lots and lots of magazines

Books, emphasis on best-sellers

Compared to the beer, the wine selection is paltry.

Processed cheese

Yoga clothes

“Combination” remedies

“New Age” beverages


Organic seedless cucumbers

Conventional seedless cucumbers

Beefsteak tomatoes from Mexico

Pizza bar

Chicken wing bar

Wegmans cream and yogurt

Utz cheese balls!