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Modern Toilet is a modern success story in Taiwan, to judge by this article in Time magazine.  Geesh, what’s not to like here? You can dig into your “diarrhea with dried droppings” dessert, sip your drink from a plastic urinal, and eat your Mongolian hot pot straight from a portable commode.

You can even enjoy your meal while sitting on a (the?) royal throne, just like you’ve always dreamed. (Though, really, this version would have been much cooler.)

Time speculates on why the Chinese can so easily mix their inputs with their outputs at dinnertime:

The Chinese can take this, Finch muses, because they are more nonchalant about bodily functions, such as burping, farting or even going to the bathroom — an act performed squatting sans doors in some places in China. But many Westerners enjoy the novelty of toilet dining too. Chris and Julia Harris took their visiting mother, who they say is obsessive-compulsive about cleanliness, to “freak her out,” but she had a great time (though she refused to drink out of a urinal). The only people who have a hard time, says Chen, are the elderly who have exclaimed, “I will not eat on the toilet!” (Folding chairs and normal dishware are available for the faint of heart.)

So Y&H Nation, the question is: Would you eat at Modern Toilet?