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A certain “glossy local magazine” isn’t the only publication/Web site that has praised Bombay Indian Restaurant in Silver Spring. Y&H has had many nice things to say about the strip-mall restaurant; so has Tyler Cowen (aka Mr. Ethnic Dining Guide) and even WaPo‘s Eve Zibart (a personal fave to read, though now sadly retired from the reviewing scene).

Restaurant Rater Gerholdt proudly refutes the professional palates with this concise and informative review. I can confirm that the Bombay buffet is history, too. The last time I dined there, the waiter said it was a victim of these recessionary times. Apparently there’s too much waste on buffets.

Anyway, back to Gerholdt. Take a look at this take-down:

I dropped in for lunch based on the glowing reviews from a certain glossy local magazine that filled the entire front window. First observation: the buffet mentioned in the reviews is a thing of the past. Second: yellowish color is OK in a tikka masala but just overwhelming on all the walls. So I order the lamb curry from the lunch “special” menu. Service is glacial despite the fact that there are only two other tables occupied and they have both been served already. The rice tastes like supermarket rather than basmati, the sauce is insipid with a faint undertone of heat, and there are four bite-sized pieces of lamb, which at least are tender. The lassi is thick but has little flavor beyond the yogurt base.

The food might barely rate 3 sporks but given the atmosphere, service, and value I gotta say two. We only get to eat three times a day – this one was a waste of perfectly good stomach space.

Do you disagree with Gerholdt? Then fire up your own review here.